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20.06.2018 09:23

Corruption will not be allowed in judicial sphere

The Republican Interdepartmental Commission on anti-corruption complied a rating of state organizations, conducting effective anticorruption activities. Thus, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been included into this rating as a state authority, achieving best results in the fight against corruption.

In accordance with the program, a certain day of the week in judicial authorities was declared as the “Day of legal knowledge”, and July 2018 in all judicial authorities and institutions was declared as the “Month of moral behavior”.

Within the framework of these activities, essence and significance of model rules of moral behavior, established in accordance with the legislative acts, measures of responsibility applied for violation of norms of behavior will be also explained along with improvement of employees’ knowledge and skills. Videos and handouts on the theme have been prepared to enhance effectiveness of propaganda.

Within the framework of events, various performances will be broadcasted in social networks and the mass media. In addition, legal propaganda activities, aimed at ensuring the openness and transparency of justice bodies, prevention of corruption and other offenses, will be organized.

The program also includes a number of measures on improving efficiency of cooperation between the justice bodies and civil society institutions in countering corruption.

Encouraging exemplary workers, who strictly comply with the norms of moral behavior, conscientiously performing their official duties is also planned.

Norgul Abduraimova, UzA
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