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18.04.2017 22:14

Contest among knowledgeable children

Contest among knowledgeable children The Surkhondaryo Regional stage of the “Knowledgeable children of Kamalak (rainbow)” contest has taken place in Termiz.

The event was arranged by the Kamolot public youth movement.

It was said there that special attention being paid under the leadership of the country’s President to supporting the younger generation’s initiative and raising their creative and intellectual potential was giving high results.

About 31870 pupils of 4-7th grades participated in the qualifying stages of the contest, which is conducted for the purpose of supporting the activity of the Kamalak children’s organization and raising its social status, enriching schoolchildren’s knowledge and identifying young talents. At the regional stage, 112 members of 14 teams which had won in the Termiz town and district stages competed in such areas as greeting, stage performance, questions and answers and social projects.

According to results of the contest, the “Kamalak yoghdusi (rainbow aurora)” team of general education school No 1 in Boysun District achieved first place and obtained the right to participate in the republican stage of the contest. The “Kamalak kapitanlari (rainbow captains)” team of general education school No 75 of Denov District and the “Kamalak egalari (rainbow masters)” team of general education school No 1 in Sariosiyo District took second place and third place respectively.

Kholmumin Mamatrayimov, photo by Farhod Abdurasulov, UzA
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