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13.03.2017 21:45

Consumer rights reliably protected

In the country’s capital city, the Uzbekistan Federation of Consumer Rights Protection Societies has held a press conference on expanding open dialogue with the population and on the role of public organizations in protecting people’s rights and liberties as well as legitimate interests.

In the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests, in the second ten-day period of every month, leaders in the federation system hold dialogues with the population. This is for the purpose of arranging direct open dialogues with the population. At the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston’s federation of consumer rights societies, the territorial associations of the Tashkent city and the regions and at the district (town) societies of the federation, law consultancies have been established.

In the past period of this year, institutions under the federation held nearly 300 events of close dialogue with the population in all the regions of the country. During such events, solutions are being found to appeals from people on gas, drinking water, electricity and heat supplies and on such spheres as trade, health care and public transport.

Appeals, suggestions and complaints are processed electronically through the istemol.uz web site. So far 65 appeals have come in electronically. People’s appeals can also be made on the trust line number (1091).

15 March is World Consumer Rights Day. On this occasion, meetings and enlightenment events are being conducted in all the regions of the country. A contest entitled “I am a young consumer” has been conducted among young people.

At the press conference, answers were given to questions from journalists.

Behzod Bozorov, UzA
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