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05.01.2018 22:21

Children’s winter holiday camp renovated

Major repairs have been made on the holiday camp under the supervision of children’s home No 22 named after A.Khlebushkina in the capital city. All the necessary supplies have been provided for the holiday camp.

An event has been held on the occasion of putting this winter holiday camp into use.

A project entitled “winter camp” is being carried out on the slogan of “you deserve this” to arrange for children’s winter holidays to be meaningful.

Children of the orphanage will be participating in interactive games, various sports competitions, training-seminars and creative evenings to be conducted by qualified teachers and specialists during one week.

“Our ministry pays special attention to creating all the necessary conditions for children to enjoy their winter holidays and spend their leisure time meaningfully,” says Sherzod Nazrullayev, deputy chief of the Public Education Ministry’s directorate for work with young students.

Mohigul Qosimova, UzA
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