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02.06.2017 00:02

Children’s joy

Children’s joy In the “Bolajon (child)” park in the town of Termiz, a holiday event has taken place devoted to International Children’s Day.

The event was arranged by the Region’s hokimiyat (governorate), public education and culture directorates, the regional council of the Kamolot public youth movement and some other establishments.

Children of low-income families, children of orphanage No 12 and young students of general education schools attended the holiday event.

Rides and attractions in the park were made available all day long to these children. Interesting shows performed by the Surkhondaryo Regional puppet theatre and concert programmes by young artistes gave the children a lot of joy.

There were a contest of pictures, rhythmic gymnastics, chess and checkers, national kurash (wrestling) and other sports competitions.

Memorable gifts have been given to boys and girls who won in the contest and sports competitions.

Photo by Farhod Abdurasulov, UzA
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