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11.04.2017 20:03

Check-ups in the neighbourhood

Thanks to work being carried out in this country on the provision of quality medical services for people, the propagation of a healthy lifestyle and the formation of medical culture in neighbourhoods and families, people’s medical culture and attention to their health are rising.

This can be seen in a scheduled medical examination process arranged by the Soghlom Avlod Uchun (for a healthy generation) international charity foundation in cooperation with the district’s multifunctional polyclinic in the territory of the Rohat neighbourhood citizens gathering in Bektermir district of the capital city.

The Soghlom Avlod Uchun international charity foundation is conducting a number of events in order to develop the “Healthy mother – healthy child” campaign. In this sphere, a decree dated 1 August 2014 by the First President “On a state programme for further improving the reproductive health of people in Uzbekistan and protecting the health of mothers, children and teenagers in2014-2018” is an important programme document.

The foundation’s itinerant medical and social help brigades visit neighbourhoods and villages and conduct extended medical check-ups on people, especially girls and boys, and also give advice on a healthy lifestyle and its correct formation. Specifically, in the past period of this year, more than 54 thousand 700 people went through medical examinations in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, regions and Tashkent city.

Round-table conversations are being held on such subjects as the prevention of AIDS and drug addiction and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

In this scheduled charity event in the Rohat neighbourhood, extended medical check-ups were conducted on elders, labour and war veterans, women, girls and children. Vitamins, medicines and hygiene items were distributed free of charge. Also, propagation and explanatory work was conducted among students of colleges, lyceums and general education schools on a healthy lifestyle and reproductive health and their correct formation

“We were satisfied with the medical examination conducted with the use of modern equipment. We are grateful to qualified doctors and those who arranged this charitable work,” says Nargiza Yunusova.

Gozal Sattorova, UzA
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