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03.05.2019 19:31:47

Chairman of the Senate criticized the indifference of some senators

At the plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis it was noted that the Upper House of the Parliament cooperates with government and responsible ministries and agencies in finding solutions to current issues in society.

Certain proposals and recommendations are constantly presented to responsible persons at the same time with drafts of relevant normative legal acts.

– However, we cannot say that senators elected from all regions are active in taking initiative for solving urgent socio-economic problems, full implementation of tasks assigned to them, – says the Chairman of the Senate N. Yuldoshev. – For example, we have a number of tasks on establishing effective parliamentary and public control over ensuring effective use of household plots.

A number of works in this direction have been implemented at places. But, there is slowness and irresponsibility of our representatives in some regions. In particular, no discussions were held within the framework of the theme in most citizen’s assemblies of Namangan, Tashkent, Syrdarya, Samarkand and Navoi regions without any reason.

Recommendations on adoption of legal measures regarding farms, dehkan farms and landowners who have not effectively used cultivated area, have not fully planted crops, have not carried out agricultural activities in a timely manner, have not been submitted to authorized bodies.

Recommendations given by the decision of the Kengash of the Senate to Councils in certain regions for eliminating shortcomings have not been taken into account.

So, what does that indicate?

The fact that some senators at places are turning a blind eye to work in this direction, have not fully comprehended the meaning of tasks, do not care that it is regrettable to such a state of affairs.

Responsibility for problems in industries and regions is assigned not only to direct responsible structures, but also to representatives of people.

Chairman of the Senate urged senators to work selflessly to prevent such a situation, turning the plans and programs into practical affairs, certain results.