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15.08.2018 14:01

Centuries-old friendship

Villages of Okjar, Katta kurgoncha, Abdusamad of Dangara district of Fergana region border with Asht district of Sughd region of Tajikistan. They share the Syrdarya River.

I remember as yesterday: we often took part in all activities of relatives who lived on the other side of the river. Moreover, they were guests at our weddings, various ceremonies. We had a long-lasting relationship. Nevertheless, for several years these ties have weakened, which has alienated us from each other.

In recent years, relations between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have changed cardinally. Strong ties are developing in political, trade-economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian spheres. Due to this, the centuries-old friendship, good-neighborliness, mutual respect and trust of people, which since ancient times were bound by common history and similar spiritual values, are being revived and strengthened.

The opening of border checkpoints between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan provided great opportunities for citizens of both countries. Therefore, great convenience for the population created the opening of border customs checkpoints “Rovot” and “Andarkhon” in Besharyk district of Fergana region. At these checkpoints, a simplified procedure for crossing the border has been introduced for the public. The removal of bureaucratic obstacles at the entrance-exit has especially pleased the residents of the border areas. According to the Press Service of the regional customs administration, by now more than 486 thousand people have passed through these posts.

Today, all are happy with strengthening of good-neighborliness between the two fraternal people. Weddings are held together, family relations are established.

It is noteworthy that cooperation between the regions of the two countries are developing. Recently, a delegation from Fergana region visited Sughd region, where an agreement on expanding cooperation was signed.

Masudjon Suleymanov, UzA
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