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Central Bank recommends!

Central Bank recommends!
According to WHO, making cash payments is one of the channels for spreading the virus. The virus on paper persists for 3-4 days.

In this regard, territorial centers of sanitary-epidemiological welfare periodically (1-2 times a week) disinfect cash vaults and cash registers in commercial banks and banks of the Central Bank's Main Department.

All banking institutions are recommended:

– to store cash received at the Bank's cash registers in separate vaults (in a room or on racks) for at least a week;

– while issuing cash to customers, pay attention to the date stamped on the bundle.

If there is a need for additional cash during the storage of cash in quarantine, additional cash will be delivered by territorial offices of the Central Bank.

However, cash may be in circulation for a certain time among the population and entrepreneurs. One banknote can be passed from hand to hand and receipt of this money in the bank can be delayed for a long time.

Currently, there are opportunities for online purchases of goods, non-cash utility and one- time payments via mobile apps.

In this regard, during the quarantine period, the population and business entities are recommended to:

– limit payment and receipt of payments in cash;

– widely use non-cash payments (including via contactless payment cards), wipe used bank cards with medical alcohol or antiseptic, disinfect;

– while making payments, if possible, use remote banking services, such as Internet banking, mobile applications, and payment organizations' programs.

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