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04.04.2017 19:07

Books call for goodness

At the Alisher Navoiy national library of Uzbekistan, a quiz entitled “Books call for goodness” has taken place.

At this quiz, pupils of general education schools in Tashkent had their knowledge about books tested.

At the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a great deal of attention is being given in this country to further heightening children’s interest in book reading and to forming and strengthening their ability to independently find and read good books.

At the national library of Uzbekistan, many enlightenment projects are being carried out to make schoolchildren even more interested in books and to familiarize them with the newest books that have been published by the country’s printing houses.

The Infolib national information and library week, various creative contests, artistic quizzes, creative meetings with writes and poets and book fairs serve the purpose of raising the book-reading culture of boys and girls.

“I always read books by my favourite writers such as Khudoyberdi Tokhtaboyev, Tursunboy Adashboyev and Anvar Obidjon. Books teach respect for elders and our parents, industriousness, good behaviour, the protection of the Motherland and the cherishment of peace. Thanks to this library and possibilities created here, I have a better understanding of the value of books,” says Kamron Erkayev, a 7th grade pupil of school No 10 in Shaykhontohur district.

At the artistic quiz, pupils had their knowledge tested about world and national literature and works created by writers and poets for children. Gifts were given to children who actively participated in the intellectual contest.

Nazokat Usmonova, UzA
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