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17.07.2017 20:56

Book lovers’ week

The “Mahalla (neighbourhood) book lovers” week is being conducted in neighbourhoods of the town of Guliston in Sirdaryo Region.

The event was arranged by the regional departments of the Mahalla public charity foundation, the republican morality propagation centre and the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation, the regional information-library centre, the regional directorates for public education and for secondary special education and vocational training, the regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union.

Poets and writers, teachers, students, young people and representatives of the wider public attended the event.

The book lovers’ week was conducted in accordance with a Presidential decree dated 12 January 2017 “On establishing a commission for the popularization of reading and the raising of book-reading culture and for the development of the system of publishing and distributing books”.

“In bringing up children, books have a very special role. Today there are libraries even at schools in distant villages. The state is providing more and more books for these libraries. Now it is necessary to further increase students’ interest in books,” says C.Odayeva, deputy chairperson of the regional department of the Mahalla public charity foundation.

As part of the week, round-table conversations are being held, and the sale of books is being arranged at educational establishments and in distant villages in order to increase young people’s interest in books and to raise the book-reading culture of every family there.

The regional information-library centre is conducting various quizzes and competitions among young people. Awards are being given to book lovers for actively participating in these events.

Abdujalol Qayumov, UzA
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