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08.08.2018 00:57

Boeing-737-300 landed in Bukhara

Boeing-737-300 landed in Bukhara
Boeing-737-300 airplane, belonging to Somon Air of the Republic of Tajikistan, carried out technical-familiarization flight at Bukhara International Airport.

The guests were solemnly met by responsible employees of Bukhara region’s khokimiyat, representatives of general public.

A group of responsible employees of the national air carrier of the neighboring country led by the First Deputy Director Sukhrob Jurayev, heads of travel companies, entrepreneurs and representatives of mass media of Tajikistan were among passengers.

In recent years, Uzbekistan focuses on strengthening relations with neighboring countries. As a result, cooperation in socio-economic, cultural, tourism and other spheres is actively developing. Relations with the Republic of Tajikistan are bright example of this.

Guests became familiar with historical-architectural monuments and other sights of Bukhara. The created facilities at Bukhara International Airport, maintenance of airliners made a great impression on Tajikistan pilots.

A trial flight of a passenger aircraft of foreign airlines that is planning to launch regular flights was successful.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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