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03.05.2019 16:13:00

Basis for rational use of pastures is being created

78 percent of more than 21 million hectares of pastures in Uzbekistan have been degraded. In particular, types and quantity of plants decreased by more than 20 percent of pastures, productivity decreased by 2 times, including the yield of fodder crops – on average by 2 percent.

No practical activity has been carried out to identify degraded areas, restoring them and increasing yields. If in the 90s of the last century more than 270 plant types grew on our pastures, today there are only 47 species left.

The Law “On pastures”, considered at the nineteenth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, focuses on elimination of these problems, the systemic regulation of the sphere.

Lack of implementation of scientific-research and innovative developments for the protection of pastures and increasing their productivity, deterioration of water supply facilities are among the urgent problems of the industry. This document will serve to effectively solve these problems, form a unified legal framework for the use and protection of pastures.

At the session, the forthcoming tasks in this direction were identified.

The law was approved by senators.