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31.08.2018 18:07

Average level of prices for goods and services rose by 0.3%

In August 2018, the average level of prices for goods and services in Uzbekistan rose by 0.3% (January – inflation 2.7%, February – 1.1%, March – 1.1%, April – 0.9 %, May – 0.8%, June and July – deflation 0.4% and 0.3%). The inflation rate for January-August of this year was 6.2 %.

According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, the most noticeable prices in the consumer market rose in January (2.7 %). In June and July, a significant increase in the supply of agricultural products in the domestic market has made a decisive contribution both to the reduction of the average price level on food, and the general level of inflation.

Price trends in August this year can be described as “uniform growth in prices for goods and services”. So, the average goods for the month they added 0.3% in price, services – 0.4%.

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