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09.08.2017 14:32

An electric train started to run between Kokand and Andijan

On the eve of the greatest and dearest holiday – the 26th anniversary of the independence of our country, since August 8, an electric train started to run between the cities of Kokand, Margilan and Andijan.

In our country, special attention is paid to consistent development of rail transport, large-scale reforms and construction activities are being implemented in the industry, the volume of passenger and freight traffic is growing. The announcement of the first Sunday of August in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan ShavkatMirziyoyev “On celebration of the Day of railway workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan”of August 2 of the current year, the Day of railway workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan became another practical embodiment of high importance attached to this sphere.

Measures are being takenon modernization of the railways network of our country, providing population with convenient, inexpensive and safe transportation services. Organization of the movement of electric trains between the major cities of Fergana valley becameone of the important steps in this direction.

The head of our state during his trip to Fergana region on June 22-23 of this year gave instructions to the officials responsible for the organization of the electric train traffic between the cities of Kokand, Margilan and Andijan. In the past short time, a program was implementedon organization of an electric train traffic between Kokand and Andijan, in accordance with which necessary activities on arrangement and electrification of roads were conducted.

JSC “Uzbekistontemiryollari” (“Uzbekistan railways”) modernized 5 electric trains specially for this route. As a result, the interior and exterior of the rolling stock have completely changed. The trains are equipped with air conditioners and modern seats. It is planned to import 10 more electric trains from abroad. Each electric train consists of 6 wagons.

Experts note that trains running in test mode will reach their destination 40 minutes faster than cars. Trains move at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, stop in Baghdad, Altyaryk districts, the city of Margilan, Kuva district and the city of Asakain the interval.

– Organization of the modern electric train movement between our cities has become a wonderful gift for the 26th anniversary of independence, – says YorkinjonKayumov from Kokand. – Great facilities are createdfor our people. Now there is no need for unnecessary waste of time. All this is an expression of high attention to ensuring human interests. We, the representatives of the older generation of Kokand, decided first of all to travel toMargilan and Andijanby train, get personallyfamiliar with the reforms that are being implemented there.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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