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08.04.2017 11:28

Amir Temur’s heritage is for the benefit of all mankind

Cultural enlightenment events are being held in all the regions of this country on the occasion of the 681st birth anniversary of Amir Temur.

A scientific conference held by the Amir Temur international public charity foundation and the Writers Union of Uzbekistan at Samarqand state university was also devoted to his birth anniversary.

The chairman of the Writers Union, M.Ahmedov; and others said that Amir Temur had made a great contribution to the development of the civilization of the East as a patron of science, culture and education.

In the years of independence, measures were taken to study and propagate widely Amir Temur’s heritage and to restore historical monuments and shrines associated with his name.

Research in this area is actively conducted not only in this country but also abroad.

“Amir Temur built a big centralised state and did a colossal amount of creative work. He left a bright mark in the history and culture of our region’s peoples. In Kazakhstan, too, research is being done into the epoch of Amir Temur, and many books are being published on this theme,” says the chairman of the friendship society Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan and of the South Kazakhstan Regional branch of the Amir Temur international public charity foundation, Ikrom Hoshimjonov.

Participants in the conference visited Amir Temur’s mausoleum and buildings constructed by Timurids in the city of Samarqand.

Gholib Hasanov, UzA
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