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10.02.2018 09:54

Alisher Navoi is a symbol of humanism and generosity

Alisher Navoi is a symbol of humanism and generosity Rich spiritual heritage of the great thinker Alisher Navoi continues to inspire humanity for goodness, humanism, generosity and nobility through the centuries. Constant attention in Uzbekistan is paid to honoring the memory of our great ancestor, studying and promotion of his work around the world.

An event, dedicated to the 557th anniversary of Alisher Navoi’s birth was held at the National Park named after Alisher Navoi on February 9.

It was attended by members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, deputies of the Legislative Chamber, officials of various ministries and agencies, creative associations and public organizations, scholars, writers and poets, youth, representatives of general public.

Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan M.Akhmedov, scientist U.Jurakulov and others noted that honoring the memory of the poet reflects high respect for his talent and undying creativity.

At the event, songs on Alisher Navoi’s ghazals were performed by people’s artists of Uzbekistan A.Ibrokhimov and B.Dustmurodov, as well as poems dedicated to Alisher Navoi were read out.

Participants of the event laid flowers to the monument of Alisher Navoi.

The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan K.Akmalov.

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On the Same day, poetry competition dedicated to the great son of our people took place in Writers’ Avenue, where poets, writers, scientists, students and youth took part.

First Deputy Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan S.Sayyid, scientist A.Kayumov and others noted that study, research, promotion of Alisher Navoi’s creativity are important in educating youth, their spiritual development, respecting national and universal values.

– Alisher Navoi’s birthday is a literature holiday not only for our people, but also for all poetry fans around the world, – says young poet Bakhodir Bakhrom. – Alisher Navoi’s works call for goodness and humanism. His spiritual heritage is a boundless source of inspiration for our people.

Excerpts from poems of Alisher Navoi were read out. Active students were awarded with books by Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan.

Literary and artistic evenings, dedicated to the birthday of the great poet and thinker Alisher Navoi are being held in Karakalpakstan and all regions of our country.

Bayram Aytmuradov, photos by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA
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