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23.08.2017 19:29

Affordable and good quality educational supplies

Affordable and good quality educational supplies In the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 207,600 boys and girls will study at 540 general education schools in Jizzakh Region. Taking account of their requirements for educational supplies, bazaars and trade fairs have been arranged.

In addition to those arranged in the regional and district centres, there are also trade fairs functioning at rural educational establishments and shops selling educational supplies in distant and sparsely populated villages such as Arnasoy, Darvoza and Omongeldi of Forish District. Educational supplies are being provided by itinerant shops.

All those trading points have been equipped with point of sale terminals and cash registers, which creates additional conveniences for buyers.

“Specialists of the regional directorate of public education together with representatives of the tax inspectorate and local hokimiyats [governorates] are exercising supervision over the work of these bazaars and trade fairs, the quality of educational supplies on sale there and their conformity with school education standards. Advice and recommendations are being given to parents on choosing and buying educational supplies,” says B.Pardayev, chief of the department for monitoring the observance of educational standards of the regional directorate for public education.

Big trading establishments and entrepreneurial entities are involved in the uninterrupted supply of educational and other necessary items. At all these trading points, locally-made products are on sale.

Toshqul Beknazarov, photo by Jamshid Yorbekov, UzA
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