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12.06.2017 23:01

Adviser – propagator of neighbourhood

Adviser – propagator of neighbourhood In Guliston, the Sirdaryo Regional stage of the “most exemplary adviser of neighbourhood citizens’ gatherings for religious enlightenment, moral and behavioural education” contest has taken place.

The contest was arranged by the regional department of the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation in cooperation with the regional women’s committee, the internal affairs and the secondary special education and vocational training directorates, and 11 advisers participated in this contest.

D.Orolova, the chairperson of the regional women’s committee and deputy hokim (deputy governor) of the region; I.Norbekov, the chairman of the regional department of the Mahalla public charity foundation; and others have said that in the process of the implementation of consistent reforms under the leadership of the President of the country, special attention is being paid to expanding the remit of mahallas (neighbourhoods).

Neighbourhoods are unique institution of self-government, and they are to play a greater role in ensuring social-moral stability in localities and people’s employment.

The participants in the contest gave presentations about work being done in neighbourhoods where they live and about achievements that had been made there. And their knowledge about various issues relating to their work and about legislative documents on this sphere were tested.

Maksuda Imonqulova, the adviser of the “Navruz” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering for religious enlightenment and moral and behavioural education, was declared the winner of the contest, and she obtained the right to participate in the republican phase of the contest.

“A Presidential decree dated 3 February 2017 on measures to further improve the mahalla institution has created new broad opportunities for self-governing bodies to work with local populations. This is giving good results in the work of active people of neighbourhoods,” says M.Imonqulova.

Abdujalol Qayumov, photo by Furqat Toshmatov, UzA
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