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07.05.2018 21:13

Advantages of arbitration proceedings

Tashkent hosted a workshop on “Advantages of arbitration proceedings” on the initiative of “Enter Engineering Pte.Ltd.” foreign company with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

As reported by the Press Service of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the workshop was attended by employees of legal service of “Enter Engineering Pte.Ltd”. It was conducted by the chairman of the International Commercial Arbitration Court, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Foziljon Otakhonov.

International Commercial Arbitration allows to design an adaptive dispute resolution procedure, which makes it a powerful tool for complex commercial transactions, including for foreign direct investment.

According to the participants of the workshop, such events will not only promote the development of arbitration proceedings and strengthen its legal framework, but also effectively protect the rights and interests of business, including foreign investors, broad propaganda of national experience in this sphere abroad.

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