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04.03.2017 12:16

Active women’s contest

The republican stage of the “most active woman of the year” contest has taken place in the capital city. The contest was held by the Adolat social-democratic party of Uzbekistan.

The chairperson of the women’s wing of the party, Z.Botirova; and others said that large-scale reforms were being implemented in this country in order to raise women’s status in society, to ensure the observance of their rights and interests and to provide better health services for them.

This traditional “most active woman of the year” contest is held for the purpose of further strengthening women’s role in society, identifying the most active women in party ranks and those with initiative and those who have displayed exemplary conduct in their teams and families and encouraging them.

The district, town and regional stages of the contest were held transparently. 14 women participated in the republican stage of the contest.

The participants’ knowledge and abilities were tested on four criteria. When determining the contest’s winner, attention was paid to participants’ initiative, worldview, political culture and knowledge about universal, national and social values.

According to the results of the contest, Inobat Hasanova of Samarqand took first place, Adolat Khudoyberganova of Tashkent took second place and Dilnoz Umrzoqova of Sirdaryo Region took third place. Diplomas and gifts were presented to the winners.

Gozal Sattorova, UzA
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