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16.07.2018 19:39

A new field is commissioned in Gazli

“Shimoliy suzma” field, where activities on equipment began six months ago, has been put into operation.

900 thousand cubic meters of gas are produced per day out of the six wells at “Shimoliy suzma” field, which has a huge underground reserve. The seventh well will soon be involved. Gas production will also increase.

Natural gas from “Shimoliy suzma” field consists of components that need to be separated. Therefore, it is transferred to another plant “Uchkir”, located 32 km from the field, where the sulphur purification plant operates.

Thanks to “Shimoliy suzma” field, the volume of gas supplied per day from “Uchkir” plant to “Gazli” underground gas storage will increase by 1.5 million cubic meters.

Erkin Yadgarov, UzA
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