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09.04.2018 20:59

A book about diplomacy of Sahibkiran

Presentation of the book “Diplomacy of Amir Temur” by Shokhista Uljayeva took place in the National Library named after Alisher Navoi.

In particular, the mentioned book “Diplomacy of Amir Temur”, about the policy of statehood of the great commander, Sahibkiran Amir Temur, will serve to strengthen in the hearts of youth a sense of respect for great ancestors, patriotism and confidence in their abilities.

The book is prepared on the basis of a doctoral dissertation and a report read abroad by S.Uljayeva, and is devoted to the study of the essence and significance, goals and objectives of foreign policy and diplomacy of the great statesman. The monograph analyzes diplomatic ties and foreign policy of Sahibkiran with the countries of the East and West, style and other features of diplomacy of Amir Temur.

The book, written in a scientific popular form, plays an important role in understanding the significance of the policy of statehood of the great commander, allows to get an idea of the international affairs of that time. Amir Temur’s correspondence with the rulers of Asia and Europe are also analyzed in the book.

Gulnoza Boboyeva, UzA
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