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Anniversary of National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek

27.09.08 15:22

Grand meeting on this important date, was held in the Palace of Culture at the National University of Uzbekistan. It was attended by many public and social attendees of our country, rectors of higher educational institutions, heads of research institutions Academy of Science, teachers and students of the university and its graduates of different years.

Factors of forming civil society

26.09.08 17:29

Tashkent hosted a conference on the rule of law and strong civil society, organized by the Public fund for support of independent print media and news agencies, Institute for Civil Society Studies and other structures. The forum was attended by senators, deputies of the Legislative Chamber, representatives of local administrations, government organizations and NGOs.

Education is basis of progress

26.09.08 13:18

Press conference on reforms in the system of higher education of Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent on Thursday. The minister of higher and secondary special education A.Parpiev said that training highly skilled specialists was one of the priority directions the country’s policy.

Interview of vice health minister of Uzbekistan

25.09.08 16:15

According to WHO and the International epizootic bureau, negative situation is being observed in a number of countries today in terms of especially dangerous infections. Among them is anthrax, cases of which have been registered in some states neighboring with Uzbekistan. Deputy Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Bahtiyar Niyazmatov spoke to UzA about the measures that are being taken in the country to prevent the penetration of the infection.

Commissions for fighting human trafficking operate in regions

25.09.08 12:06

In Khorezm region, like in other regions of Uzbekistan, special attention is paid to protection of rights and interests of the people. In accordance with the law on couteracting human trafficking, interdepartmental commissions have been created in all regions of the country.

Jubilee edition of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

24.09.08 20:49

The National Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan jointly with the United Nations Office in the republic prepared a jubilee edition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Uzbek-language brochure was published in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets in several thousand copies.

New observatory opens in Andijan

23.09.08 17:50

New observatory opened at the Babur park in the city of Andijan. It was created by the Astronomy Institute of the Uzbekistan Science Academy in cooperation with the International Babur Foundation and Andijan State University.

Festival of students of Uzbek universities held

22.09.08 20:51

Festival of university students of Uzbekistan titled “Young people are a decisive force of our today and tomorrow” was held in the Yoshlik campus in Tashkent. It was devoted to the 90th anniversary of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. To celebrate the anniversary of the university at the high level, large-scale improvement works were carried out in the Yoshlik students’ campus.

Seminar considers democratic renewal and national media

20.09.08 12:26

Seminar on “The role of media in the process of democratic transition” was held in Tashkent. It was organized by the Public fund for support and development of independent print media and news agencies of Uzbekistan, the Institute for civil society studies and the office of the US Institute for new democracies.

Uzbekistan celebrates 17th independence anniversary

01.09.08 9:46

Celebrations of the 17th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan were held on 31 August at the National park named after Alisher Navoi. Members of the government, the Senate and the Legislative Chamber, representatives of foreign embassies and international organizations and others were among the gathered at the celebrations.

Health road train delivers aid to Andijan

18.08.08 10:34

Ecology and health organization Ecosan sent a health road train to Andijan region. The train will deliver clothes, footwear and sanitary and hygienic purpose goods worth a total of more than 40 million soums.

International aero cosmic school ends season

06.08.08 21:54

The 20th international aero cosmic school ended its season in the mountains of Parkent districts of Tashkent region. The school was organized with the purpose of enriching the young people’s knowledge in aviation, space science and technology.

Environmental Movement set up in Uzbekistan

05.08.08 11:07

The founding conference of the public association Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan was held on 2 August in Tashkent. The conference approved the movement charter and program, as well as elected the members of the central council, which included representatives of all regions of the country.

Admission tests held at Uzbek universities

02.08.08 9:27

All higher educational establishments of Uzbekistan held admission tests on 1 August. State testing center under the Cabinet of Ministers told UzA that nearly 346,000 applications were submitted this year to the universities. 58,000 students will be admitted to the bachelor’s degree, which is 6,400 more than last year.

Salaries in Uzbekistan to rise 20% from 1 September

22.07.08 17:39

President of Uzbekistan signed a decree on 21 July 2008 on increasing the size of the minimum salary, pensions, stipends and social allowances. The document envisages increase of the minimum salary of the budget-supported structures’ and organizations’ employees, as well as stipends, pensions and social allowances 1.2 times on the average.

Health train arrives in Aral Sea area

17.07.08 12:14

The health train organized in the framework of the “Year of youth” program has arrived in the Aral Sea area. The doctors visited stations Nukus, Jaslyk and Karakalpakiya and examined railway workers, women and children – more than 200 people in general.

Economic and legal guarantees of NGO development discussed

17.07.08 9:13

A round table on economic and legal guarantees of development of nongovernmental noncommercial organizations and other civil society institutes, as well as priority directions of protection of women’s rights was held in Samarkand.