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Year of Youth results summed up

29.12.08 18:57

The results of the activities carried out in the framework of the Year of Youth state program were presented up at the press conference in Tashkent.

President’s New Year celebrations start

29.12.08 18:29

The President’s New Year celebrations started in the Turkiston palace in Tashkent on 29 December. Among the invited children are those from the orphanages and low-income families. Wide-scale reforms implemented in Uzbekistan are aimed at support and protection of the young people, which are the leading force of the society.

Law-enforcement bodies’ coordination council meets

25.12.08 9:49

The Coordination council of the law-enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan held a session to consider the activities to prevent and investigate the crimes related to religious extremism and terrorism.

City of Navoi celebrates 50th anniversary

22.12.08 10:12

The 50th anniversary of Navoi city and Navoi mining combine (NGMK) was celebrated last week. The history of the city and one of the leading industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan is closely linked.

Health train sent to Aral Sea area

17.12.08 20:32

Ecosan, the ecology and health organization, sent its health train to the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The train will deliver humanitarian cargo worth a total of over UZS 90 million to the Aral Sea area.

New Year celebrations start

17.12.08 19:47

Celebrations of the coming New Year started across Uzbekistan. The main celebrations are taking place at the Independence Square in the center of Tashkent. The holiday performance has been organized in the New Year fairy-tale town with a high new-year tree, constructed at the square. The holiday events will last until 10 January 2009.

WMO regional association session held

12.12.08 12:23

The 14th session of the Regional Association II (Asia) of the World Meteorological Organization was held in Tashkent on 5-11 December.

Fire safety month ends in Uzbekistan

11.12.08 15:12

The month of fire safety was held in Uzbekistan during 10 November-10 December with the purpose of preparation of the country to the winter season.

Survey shows Constitution serves people’s interests

04.12.08 20:05

Ijtimoiy Fikr, public opinion center, published the results of the poll on the relation of the citizens of Uzbekistan to the principles of democratic development. Representatives of all regions of the country participated in the survey.

Syrdarya receives humanitarian aid

27.11.08 11:03

Ecosan, the ecology and health organization, delivered humaniratian aid to Syrdarya region. The aid, consisting of medicaments and other goods, will be distributed among the low-income families and medical establishments.

Number of fire cases decreases

22.11.08 11:30

The number of cases of fire in Uzbekistan decreased by 3.5% in the 10 months of this year, and the number of injuries related to burns fell by 10.5%.

Khorezm region to receive humanitarian aid

01.11.08 12:17

Environmental and health organization Ecosan jointly with Uzbekistan Railways company sent a health train to Khorezm region. The humanitarian cargo worth UZS 80 million consists of clothes, footwear and other goods. The aid will be distributed among the low-income young families, single mothers, as well as schoolchildren.

Students receive educational grants

31.10.08 11:18

The ceremony of awarding diplomas to winners of the stipends for talented students program, educational grants and sports grants was held in Tashkent. The grants are provided annually by the “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” and the “Mehr nuri” funds.

Schools are ready for winter

30.10.08 21:18

By implementing the decree by President Islam Karimov from May 29 of 2008 “On measures to ensure the preparation of industries of the national economy to a sustainable work in the autumn-winter period 2008-2009” the department of education of Uchtepa district has done a lot of work.

Inclusive education forum opens

28.10.08 20:05

The two-day international forum on inclusive education and social support of the children opened in Tashkent. The event has been organized jointly with the UNICEF, UNESCO and the UNDP and has gathered heads of state and public structures, as well as local and foreign specialists in children’s rights.