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Fire safety month ends in Uzbekistan

11.12.08 15:12

The month of fire safety was held in Uzbekistan during 10 November-10 December with the purpose of preparation of the country to the winter season.

Survey shows Constitution serves people’s interests

04.12.08 20:05

Ijtimoiy Fikr, public opinion center, published the results of the poll on the relation of the citizens of Uzbekistan to the principles of democratic development. Representatives of all regions of the country participated in the survey.

Syrdarya receives humanitarian aid

27.11.08 11:03

Ecosan, the ecology and health organization, delivered humaniratian aid to Syrdarya region. The aid, consisting of medicaments and other goods, will be distributed among the low-income families and medical establishments.

Number of fire cases decreases

22.11.08 11:30

The number of cases of fire in Uzbekistan decreased by 3.5% in the 10 months of this year, and the number of injuries related to burns fell by 10.5%.

Khorezm region to receive humanitarian aid

01.11.08 12:17

Environmental and health organization Ecosan jointly with Uzbekistan Railways company sent a health train to Khorezm region. The humanitarian cargo worth UZS 80 million consists of clothes, footwear and other goods. The aid will be distributed among the low-income young families, single mothers, as well as schoolchildren.

Students receive educational grants

31.10.08 11:18

The ceremony of awarding diplomas to winners of the stipends for talented students program, educational grants and sports grants was held in Tashkent. The grants are provided annually by the “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” and the “Mehr nuri” funds.

Schools are ready for winter

30.10.08 21:18

By implementing the decree by President Islam Karimov from May 29 of 2008 “On measures to ensure the preparation of industries of the national economy to a sustainable work in the autumn-winter period 2008-2009” the department of education of Uchtepa district has done a lot of work.

Inclusive education forum opens

28.10.08 20:05

The two-day international forum on inclusive education and social support of the children opened in Tashkent. The event has been organized jointly with the UNICEF, UNESCO and the UNDP and has gathered heads of state and public structures, as well as local and foreign specialists in children’s rights.

Uzbekistan marks day of interior affairs staff

25.10.08 10:31

The celebrations of the Day of Workers of the Interior of the Republic of Uzbekistan were held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General B. Matlyubov said that in the country, a special attention was paid to strengthening social stability and ensuring peaceful life. All structures of the internal affairs bodies have been formed on a qualitatively new basis.

International conference “Innovation-2008” starts

25.10.08 9:21

International conference “Innovation-2008” began its work at the Tashkent State Technical University named Abu Rayhan Beruni. The organizers of event are the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education, the Uzbek branch of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School, the Center for Strategic Innovations and Information at the Tashkent State Technical University, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant.

Forum on issues of civil society held in Bukhara

24.10.08 17:07

The international conference titled “Formation of civil society in Uzbekistan: current state, achievements and perspectives”, organized by the Institute for the Civil Society Studies, office of the National Democratic Institute (USA) in Uzbekistan, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Germany) and the University of Tsukuba (Japan), was held in Bukhara on 21-22 October.

Salaries in Uzbekistan to increase by 12% from 16 November

22.10.08 18:59

President of Uzbekistan signed a decree on 22 October 2008 on increasing the sizes of salaries, pensions, stipends and social allowances. The document is aimed at increasing the incomes of the population and strengthening social support of the citizens.

Program of archives development adopted

08.10.08 15:41

The program of development of the country’s archives until 2011 has been adopted in Uzbekistan. It was created in accordance with the Cabinet’s resolution of 26 August on measures for further development of archives in Uzbekistan.

Conference of chemists starts in Tashkent

07.10.08 19:44

Republican scientific-technical conference on advances challenges in the chemical processing of fuel and minerals; the role of modern science in the reform process started in the the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Seminar on media liberalization held in Tashkent

03.10.08 20:11

An international seminar on liberalization of mass media as an essential condition for democratization and modernization of the country was held in Tashkent on 2-3 October. The forum was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations working in the media sphere, experts and journalists of Uzbekistan and some European states.

Uzbekistan marks Teachers’ Day

30.09.08 12:07

For several years now, Uzbekistan has celebrated 1 October as the Day of Teachers and Mentors. These days, various events, conferences and meetings devoted to the national holiday are being held across the country. On the eve of the holiday, a group of teachers from all regions of the country, visited the Independence Square and laid flowers at the Monument of Independence and Humanism, which is a symbol of freedom, bright future and noble aspirations.

National University of Uzbekistan marks 90th jubilee

27.09.08 15:23

Raising the intellectual and spiritual potential of the youth, formation of the new generation in the spirit of patriotism, high morality, respect for national and universal values is a task crucial for the future of the country. The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek plays a vital role in carrying out this task. The university is celebrating its jubilee in accordance with the decree of the President of 9 April 2008 “On celebration of the 90th anniversary of the National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek”.

Anniversary of National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek

27.09.08 15:22

Grand meeting on this important date, was held in the Palace of Culture at the National University of Uzbekistan. It was attended by many public and social attendees of our country, rectors of higher educational institutions, heads of research institutions Academy of Science, teachers and students of the university and its graduates of different years.

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