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Commission for minors under Cabinet of Ministers holds session

07.05.08 11:09

The Commission for Minors under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a session at the General Prosecutor’s Office. At the meeting, chaired by General Prosecutor, commission chairman R.Kadyrov, issues of prevention of offences among minors, creating conditions for revelation of their potential and healthy lifestyle in Navoi and Khorezm regions were considered.

42th Mendeleyev Chemistry Olympiad ends in Tashkent

05.05.08 22:51

42th Mendeleyev International Chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren ended in Tashkent on Sunday. Representatives of Uzbekistan won one gold, one silver and eight bronze medals, taking the first place in the team event. Teams from Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria participated in the Olympiad.

Development of prospective scientific research discussed at Senate

05.05.08 18:53

The Upper Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held a round table on development of advanced research for building high intellectual potential of the society. It was organized by the Committee for science, education, culture and sports of the Senate jointly with the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of higher and secondary special education.

Journalists from regions of Uzbekistan trained at national publications

05.05.08 17:34

Young reporters from the regions of Uzbekistan underwent training at a number of national publications, journalists were told at a press conference in Tashkent. The project was carried out by the Public fund for support and develop independent print media and news agencies of Uzbekistan.

Oltin Qalam winners awarded

03.05.08 12:23

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the journalism competition Oltin Qalam (Golden Pen) was held at Turkiston palace in Tashkent on Friday. The event was dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day, observed annually on 3 May. The purpose of the contest is to promote the achievements of national and international journalism, create conditions for journalists demonstrating their civilian position, forming their critical thinking and new approaches.

Mendeleyev Olympiad participants visit Samarkand

03.05.08 10:03

The participants of the 42nd International Mendeleyev Chemistry Olympiad visited the city of Samarkand. The trip to the ancient and eternally young city began with placing wreaths to the monument of Amir Temur.

42nd International Mendeleyev chemistry Olympiad opens in Tashkent

29.04.08 20:28

The 42nd international Mendeleyev chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren opened in Tashkent on 29 April. Teams from Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria are participating in the event. Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan R.Kasimov attended the opening ceremony of the Olympiad.

Saodat means happiness

29.04.08 17:34

Being a daughter of celebrity parents, especially, the idol of millions, the legend of national boxing Rufat Riskiev, isn’t simple. However, it’s the last thing that bothers Saodat, who, without hesitance, being proud of her father’s success, inherited purposefulness and love of life from her well known world champion father.

Young inventors contest ends

29.04.08 15:21

The final stage of the national competition “Young inventor” among schoolchildren took place in Tashkent.

Mendeleyev chemistry Olympiad participants visit Independence Square

28.04.08 21:39

Tashkent will host the 42nd Mendeleyev international chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren during 29 April–4 May. On 28 April, Olympiad participants laid a wreath to the Monument of Independence and Humanism on the Independence Square in Tashkent. The monument symbolizes the freedom, bright future and noble aspirations.

Tashkent to host Mendeleyev chemistry Olympiad

25.04.08 19:56

Tashkent will host the 42nd Mendeleyev international chemistry Olympiad among schoolchildren during 28 April–4 May. Representatives of Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Romania an dBulgaria will participate in the event. They will demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry.

Seminar in National Library considers preserving library funds

23.04.08 17:51

A seminar on preserving library funds started at the National Library of Uzbekistan named after after Alisher Navoi. It was organized by the Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan together with the National Information and Library Centre.

Student Spring 2008 festival to be held in Samarkand in May

21.04.08 9:14

Student Spring 2008 festival will be held in Samarkand in May among the students of the universities of Uzbekistan. The event is being organized by the Kamolot youth movement, Ministry of higher and specialized secondary education, Ministry of culture and sports, Professional unions federation and Samarkand regional administration. A number of activities will be held during the festival, including meetings and discussions on sociopolitical, cultural and sports topics.

Project informing about drugs and HIV risks launched

15.04.08 12:10

Implementation of the project MEDISSA on informing the population about the risks of drug use and HIV infection started in Uzbekistan. The project is being coordinated by the National information and analytics center for drug control under the Cabinet of Ministers.

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