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Military servicemen receive flats

14.01.10 12:12

A 38-apartment house for the staff of the sergeants preparation school of North-West Military District of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan was opened in Urgench.

New flats for emergencies department staff

13.01.10 20:39

A new apartment house for the staff of the Samarkand regional emergencies department was opened on the eve of the Day of Defender of the Motherland in Samarkand.

Road safety month completes

12.01.10 20:11

The traditional road safety month was held in Uzbekistan during 10 December – 10 January in accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Water supply improves in Navoi

07.01.10 18:23

Measures to improve the living standards, in particular, supplying the population with clean drinking water, are being taken in the villages of Navoi region.

New Year celebrations start

30.12.09 10:14

New Year celebrations started across Uzbekistan. A high new year tree was mounted on the Independence Square in the centre of Tashkent.

Measures taken to stop use of pyrotechnics

16.12.09 18:54

Every year in late December and early January numerous blasts of petards disturb the peace of the citizens, sometimes causing material damage or harm to people’s health.

Road safety month held in Uzbekistan

10.12.09 8:50

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision, the road safety month will be held in Uzbekistan during 10 December – 10 January.

Military servicemen receive new flats

04.12.09 19:53

On the eve of the 17th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, a new 64-apartment house was commissioned in Vatanparvar mahalla (residential neighborhood) of Samarkand.

No cases of А (H1N1) registered in Uzbekistan

24.11.09 16:00

No cases of A (H1N1) flu have been registered in Uzbekistan thanks to the measures taken to prevent the penetration of the infection in the country, deputy health minister Bakhtiyor Niyazmatov said.

Fire safety month starts

24.11.09 9:19

The month of fire safety started in Uzbekistan on 23 November in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision of 19 November.

Textbooks exhibition opens in Termez

23.11.09 19:50

The exhibition and fair of textbooks and educational materials for schools for the academic year 2010-2011 opened at Surkhandarya regional information and resource center in Termez.

Book fair opens in Samarkand

20.11.09 10:07

The book fair opened in Samarkand city’s information and library center. The event has been organized by the press and information, and public education departments, as well as Uzkitobsavdo company.

Illegal discs worth UZS 272.5 million destroyed

17.11.09 19:54

Under the law, the use of works created by others should be done only on the basis of a contract concluded with the owner of rights. Otherwise, the action is illegal and leads to administrative or criminal responsibility in the prescribed manner. Illegal copies will be confiscated and destroyed. Materials and equipment used in the preparation and copying of counterfeit goods are also destroyed or transferred to the state.