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New homes for border guards

05.10.17 10:19

New homes for border guards

In the process of implementing reforms in the system of the armed forces of this country, modern homes and hostels are being built and commissioned for military servicemen and their family members. Educational and sports facilities equipped to modern standards are also being built.

On the path of friendship, cohesion and harmony

03.10.17 11:23

On the path of friendship, cohesion and harmony

Friendship and fraternity bring people and countries closer together. This clearly found expression in a meeting at the “Vodil” border post between representatives of Fergana region of Uzbekistan and Batken region of Kyrgyzstan.

“Termiz cargo” – convenient and reliable

02.10.17 22:15

The opening ceremony of “Termiz cargo” export center, organized on the basis of “Termiz Cargo Centre” international logistics center, was held in Surkhandarya region.

The project will contribute to prosperity

27.09.17 2:52

Many large projects that contribute to the welfare of the population through the development of road, transport, energy and communication infrastructure are being implemented in our country.

Meetings of the delegation of Kazakhstan’s parliament

27.09.17 0:38

On September 26, meetings with the delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan led by the Chairman of the Senate of the parliament of this country Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev were held at the Senate and the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Regional phase of “Navoiy inheritors” contest concludes

26.09.17 19:18

Tashkent Regional phase of “Navoiy inheritors” contest concludes

The Tashkent Regional phase of the “Navoiy inheritors” contest has taken place in the Dormon culture palace in Qibray District. An 8th grade pupil of general education school No 15 in Yuqori Chirchiq District, Nilufar Usmonaliyeva, won in it and obtained the right to participate in the republican phase of the contest.

National army – shield of peace

26.09.17 18:04

As a result of large-scale reforms being implemented in this country’s defence system, the Armed Forces’ material provision and moral development systems have been modernized.

Certificates are given to winners

26.09.17 9:28

An event has taken place in Andijon. It was devoted to further strengthening of social partnership among state bodies, nongovernmental non-profit organizations and other institutions of civil society in ensuring implementation of programmes of regions’ socio-economic development.

The Action Strategy and foreign policy

23.09.17 18:15

On September 22, an international roundtable on “Foreign policy activity of Uzbekistan within the framework of the Action Strategy” was held in Tashkent.

Ambassadors at the presentation of the “Hall of Ambassadors”

23.09.17 15:21

Ambassadors at the presentation of the “Hall of Ambassadors”

An event dedicated to the completion of the restoration of the wall paintings “Hall of Ambassadors” dating back to the VII-VIII centuries was held in Afrosiab Museum in Samarkand, where unique exhibits about the history of the city are collected.

Highest blessing

22.09.17 10:26

At the Tashkent institute of irrigation and agriculture mechanization, a spiritual enlightenment event entitled “Peace – a guarantee of people’s wellbeing” has taken place. This event was devoted to International Day of Peace.

Youth – country’s future

20.09.17 22:59

Youth – country’s future

At the Karshi sergeant training school of the south-western special military district, an event has taken place on the subject of “Patriotically-minded young people – the country’s future”.

Preventive inspectors take oath of service

19.09.17 9:49

Preventive inspectors take oath of service

In the remembrance square of the town of Termiz, a ceremony has been held for preventive inspectors of police strong points of the Surhondaryo Region’s internal affairs directorate to take an oath promising to ensure peace in the areas where they serve and to reliably protect people’s legitimate interests.

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