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01.01.1970 06:00:00

98 families in Hovos district move to new homes

In the Turkiston residential area in Hovos district of Sirdaryo region, a two-storey apartment house consisting of 16 apartments and 82 houses with yards measuring 200 square metres each have been built on the basis of updated standard projects and have been put into use.

An event has been held on this occasion. It was said at this event that in the year of active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies, special attention was being paid to creating good conditions for the population’s wellbeing.

A Presidential resolution dated 21 October 2016 “On a programme of construction of affordable houses on updated standard projects in rural areas in the years 2017-2021” is an important programme document in this sphere.

“Thanks be to the Creator, we have acquired an affordable house built on the basis of an updated standard project. It also has an area of land measuring 200 square metres. There are all the necessary conditions here for happy living,” says Sh.Meliboyev, an engineer.

According to national traditions, pilau was cooked, and artistes performed melodies and songs.