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09.05.2018 17:25

78-year-old Musulmon Jiyanbayev 77 years later received news of his father, who went to war

78-year-old Musulmon Jiyanbayev 77 years later received news of his father, who went to war
May 9 – Day of Memory and Honor

Information about the fighter was found by Voronezh trackers led by Leonid Petrovich Barshev on August 25, 2014 on the battlefields near the village of Ozerki in Lipetsk region.

As it turned out, in 1942 near the village of Ozerki the soldiers of the 841st rifle regiment of the 237th rifle division were surrounded, the enemy surpassed them in number and strength. According to the data collected by the trackers, the soldiers of the regiment fought to the last bullet, and all heroically died.

Things that belonged to 92 soldiers were taken from the ground on this battlefield after 72 years – in August 2014. Most of the items that were in the ground for so many years, of course, were seriously damaged, in particular, it was impossible to read the document stored in a metal locket that confirmed the identity of a soldier. When reading the records with the help of a special laser apparatus, it was discovered that one of them belongs to an Uzbek fighter.

The certificate states that Kulbayev Jambay was born in 1912 in the village council of Gubdin in Gallaaral district of Samarkand region. Along with other fighters, the remains of the fighter on September 11, 2014 were reburied in the military memorial of Terbunsky district of Lipetsk region.

After that the detachment of pathfinders laid out information about the fighter from Uzbekistan on its website and began to search for relatives of the soldier.

This news about the Uzbek fighter attracted attention of a resident of “Kutarma” makhalla of the city of Jizzakh, a labor veteran Yuriy Vladimirovich Storojuk, who cooperates with Russian pathfinders in the search for missing persons during the Second World War and their relatives. Yuriy Vladimirovich told a correspondent of UzA about the information received by Voronezh trackers.

However, some inaccuracies in preliminary information found by the pathfinders, a note made by an ordinary pencil by hand, in which Obdinsky s/s was written instead of Gubdin, and the soldier’s name is indicated as Jambay, raised doubts. We just assumed that “Obdin” is Gubdin. Although did not believe in correctness of the name of Jambay, nevertheless began to search for him.

In addition, the village where the soldier was born was not indicated, the search works were also hampered by the names and addresses of localities, administrative boundaries changed in more than 70 years.

After the publication of an article “Do you know relatives of Jambay Kulbayev?”, many volunteers from Uzbekistan started searching for relatives of the former soldier, which renewed the hope for success. Employees of the Defense Department of Gallaaral district found in the military archive information about the conscription in 1941 from the village council of Gubdin Jiyanbay Kulbayev, who was born in 1912. Unfortunately, this document did not specify which village the soldier was called from.

Actively participating in the search for a soldier who died in the war, people of different ages, representatives of various professions, through friends and relatives from their villages and other regions, inquired about people we are looking for. Volunteers collected information about the family of interest to us with the name Kulbayev, Jiyanbayev from people living in Gallaaral district and even in neighboring districts, which was not in vain.

We were contacted by the head of private pharmacy “Umid” in the center of Gallaaral district Khidirbay Ergashev. He said that Jiyanbay Kulbayev lived in the village of Moltob, which used to be a part of the village of Gubdin in the 40-50’s. When he went to the front, he had a one-year-old son named Musulmon, who now lives in the village of Bakhmalsoy.

It turns out that he is the only representative of the family we were looking for.

The news of the father led the 78-year-old Musulmon Jiyanbayev into confusion. Reading the materials published on our website from the phone screen, he could not hold back his tears. He also saw photographs of his father’s grave, but could not utter a word from excitement.

In 1941, when his father went to the front, Musulmon was more than one-year-old. When he grew up, he heard from his mother Suymakhol-momo that his father Jiyanbay Kulbayev went to war at the age of 29, and before he was one of the village activists.

Because of the hardest living conditions, when the struggle for existence was going on, the widow of the missing soldier Suymakhol had to return with the son from Moltob to her father’s house in Bakhmalsay.

All these years the son lived in anticipation of his father, in hope of receiving at least some news of his fate. However, neither during the years of the war nor after it he received a single letter or news from his father, or from those who knew him.

All that he heard, read and knew about this terrible and bloody war that deprived millions children of their fathers, did not kill in him the hope that he would someday see his father or hear news of his fate.

He, like other children, studied in a rural school, from a young age worked on a farm, on a cotton field. After the 7th grade in 1959, he studied the profession of a chauffeur in a driving school. He served in the Far East, the Pacific Fleet. After returning from the military service, he continued working as a chauffeur at the car base No.22 in Jizzakh. He got married. Together with his wife Maksuma, they brought up four sons and two daughters. To date, he is the beloved grandfather of 20 grandchildren.

However, emotional pain from his childhood, lack of paternal love and attention did not leave him all this time. Especially now, when he is already at the threshold of the 80th anniversary, deep inside his heart, he was worried that he would pass away without knowing anything about his father.

77 years after his father went to war, on May 4, 2018, an unexpected event occurred in his life. Yuriy Vladimirovich Storojuk, who participated in the search for relatives of Jiyanbay Kulbayev, as well as Khidirbay Ergashev from Moltob, a teacher of Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute, a candidate of mathematical sciences Abdumannon Musayev, the retired doctor Umrzok Elmurodov, correspondents of local publications brought the son of a soldier the latest information about his father, listed in the list of missing persons in the Second World War.

– I often searched for my father with the help of military department, – said Musulmon Jiyanbayev. – It would seem that all hope of receiving any news of a father is lost. But the news of reburial of the remains of my father thanks to the kind people comforted my sorrowful heart. I express my deep gratitude to all generous people who reburied my father and found me.

He heard the message he wanted to know throughout his life. Unfortunately, it cannot heal the wounds of the soul, bring joy to the heart. A long parting ended, though, which was only a consolation for Mr. Musulmon and people who actively participated in the search. On the example of a long wait for meeting of father and son, we became once again convinced that the war brought a terrible grief to every family, left incurable wounds of soul.

T.Beknazarov, photo by Yuriy Storojuk, UzA
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