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12.01.2018 19:55

75 graduates get job placement documents

75 graduates get job placement documents A ceremonial event has taken place on this occasion at the Namangan regional musical drama and comedy theatre. It was attended by representatives of the health care system, state and public establishments, mass media employees and young people.

There was talk at the event about results of consistent reforms in this country’s health care system. At the same time it was said that there were problems hindering the further raising of the quality and effectiveness of medical services.

“In accordance with state programmes, the material-technical base of the health care system was strengthened. A shortage of personnel in this sphere is a problem. Specifically, there is a need for 600 doctors in Namangan region,” says the chief of the regional health care directorate, Solijon Muminov.


Graduates of higher medical educational institutions have been sent to health care establishments of the region, which is of important significance to filling vacant positions there.

During the ceremony, 75 graduates of the Andijon state medical institute and the Tashkent medical academy were awarded diplomas and documents for job placement at town and district medical associations, multi-functional central polyclinics, family polyclinics and rural medical stations.

“Today my son got a document for job placement at family polyclinic No 9 in Namangan. We are grateful to our state for creating these possibilities for our children and for caring about people’s health,” says Zumradhon Umarova.

The hokim (governor) of Namangan region, H.Bozorov, made a speech at the event.

Akramjon Sattorov, photo by Hotam Mamadaliyev, UzA
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