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12.12.2017 15:30

13 teams participate in tournament of bright book lovers

In the "Zukko kitobhon (bright book lover)" tournament held among pupils of general education schools in Bukhara, 13 teams participated.

The event was arranged by the regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union in partnership with the regional public education directorate.

It was said at the event that special attention was paid to bringing up the younger generation in the spirit of respect for the country's national values and historical heritage, enriching their worldview, encouraging creative young people and increasing their interest in reading books.

Participants' knowledge about works of Uzbek and world literature and their understanding of books that they had read were evaluated through questions and answers.

The "Manaviyat elchilari (morality envoys)" team of general education school No 4 in the town of Kogon achieved victory in the competition.

"At our school, special attention is paid to increasing young people's Interest in books and elevating their book reading culture," says the captain of the winner team, Tahmina Quziyeva.

The "Umid uchqunlari (sparks of hope)" team of general education school No 36 in Vobkent district took second place, and the "Zukko kitobhonlar (bright book lovers)" team of general education school No 34 in Peshku district took third place.

Diplomas and memorable gifts were given to the winners of the tournament.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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