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31.07.2017 22:27

Winners of international competition given awards

Winners of international competition given awards Students of schools of Uzbekistan successfully participated in the “Mathematics Without Borders” international competition in Bulgaria. There their team took honourable second place.

More than 1,200 students from 11 countries of the world participated in the final of the competition. The team of Uzbekistan solved 20 mathematical problems in 60 minutes and thus once again displayed the talent of the country’s young people.

Active members of the “Kamalak” children’s organization of the Uzbekistan youth union gave members of the national team certificates of merit and memorable gifts.

Teachers and the parents of those students who had won awards and representatives of the public especially emphasized that thanks to special attention being paid to the bringing up and education of the younger generation and to their harmonious development, young people of Uzbekistan had achieved high results in science Olympiads, sports tournaments and international contests.

The victory of those Uzbek students who won gold, silver and bronze medals in Bulgaria and held high the flag of Uzbekistan is a result of a wise youth policy being conducted in this country.

“The competition was very interesting. That was my first participation in such an event, and I worried slightly. However, knowledge acquired and support from my parents and teachers gave me confidence,” says Nigina Inoyatova who won a gold medal in the “Mathematics Without Borders” international competition.

Ulughbek Asrorov, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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