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26.05.2014 17:21

To College from School

Official events under such slogan have taken place in all the general schools across the nation

…The last bell has rung, overfilling the hearts of boys and girls with excitement and joy.

This day has traditionally been a holiday also for the first-graders. From now on, they will aspire to be like their seniors who leave school for colleges and lyceums, to study well, win honorable places in the “Knowledge Contests” and Olympiads in academic disciplines.

The sound of the last bell the sense of excitement and sadness fills also the heart of the school teacher who wishes everything but parting with her pupils who have become like her own children.

“82 schoolchildren are finishing school, the ninth grade, this academic year,” says Patpa Bekmuretova, director of the general school no.319 of the capital’s Yakkasarai district. “It was as recent as yesterday when they went into the first grade, and today they are standing on the threshold of independent life. Now they will continue studies in lyceums and colleges where they are going to perfect their knowledge and grasp the secrets of modern professions.”

A special emphasis is placed in the country under the leadership of President Islam Karimov on upbringing a goal-minded, courageous and audacious, spiritually rich, intellectually advanced, physically robust younger generation devoted to the Motherland.

28 new professional colleges were built in the country in the 2013-2014 academic year, 381 general schools and 45 facilities in the system of higher education as well as 31 professional colleges and lyceums underwent reconstruction and cardinal overhaul, while 55 children’s music and art schools and 112 children’s sports complexes as well as 4 swimming pools were commissioned and equipped with all the accessories and stocks.

In accordance with the resolution of the head of our state “On Measures to Further Improve the System of Learning Foreign Languages” signed 10 December 2012, more than 17 thousand learning rooms to teach foreign languages have been arranged in education institutions. In excess of 538 thousand textbooks and multimedia attachments on foreign languages have been created for schoolchildren of first grade. Along with the profound study of foreign languages children and youths in education institutions, this opens up opportunities for them to attain modern knowledge and professional skills, to get informed about the developments taking place in the world, innovations and reforms.

…The last bell reminds every schoolchild to ask themselves what deeds are to be embarked on in the future and what principles to live with. It urges them to admire with their ancestors and assigns responsibility to become worthwhile successors to them. The words of our country’s President uttered during the opening ceremony of the international conference “Historical Legacy of Scholars and Intellectuals of the Medieval East, Its Role and Significance for the Modern Civilization” that “we have a right to be proud of our great ancestors. Nonetheless, at the same time we should develop and enrich this heritage, make our own worthwhile contribution to this invaluable treasury!” sound loud in the souls of school leavers and give them greater valor and energy on their way to make a considerable input into these gracious endeavors.

UzA, Dilshod Karimov, photo by Alo Abdullaev
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