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09.01.2014 15:07

The Most Honorable Profession

The subject matter of pre-conscription training in secondary special, professional education institutions facilitates the upbringing of the youth in the spirit of patriotism, the devotion and love for the Motherland. Certain endeavors are in progress on this front also in Andijan region.

The Khojaabad Pedagogical and Socio-Economic Professional College boasts all the favorable conditions for the conduct of academic and sporting classes in accordance with contemporary requirements. In line with a special program, 200 students attend pre-conscription classes training for military service. The learning premises are outfitted with relevant display equipment demonstrating the might of our armed forces, training samples of modern weaponry, literature, personal computers and electronic textbooks. The youths are rather keen to study the fundamentals of the art of warfare, lineup rules, shooting principles and actions under emergency situations as well as other skills.

“Military service is important in the spiritual and physical training of the youth,” says Azizullo Butaev, chief of the pre-conscription training of youth for military service of the college. “As a result of consistent reforms in progress under the leadership of the President of our country within the system of Armed Forces, the profession of serviceman has become one of the most respected among the younger generation.”

A hobby club “Young Border Guards” has been set up in the college, along with a close cooperation with a military unit of the Border Guards of Uzbekistan’s National Security Service. Also, the students have been successful in military-patriotic competitions entitled “Young Border Guards” held across the nation. This allows them to apply the knowledge and skills attained during pre-conscription classes into practice.

UzA, F.Ubaidullaev, photo by Mukimjan Kadyrov
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