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15.05.2014 15:26

Olympiad of Young Lawyers

In the decree “On Measures to Cardinally Improve the Social Security of Judiciary Personnel” signed by the head of our state on 2 August 2012, a particular emphasis is placed on the further perfection of law education and the necessity of fundamental improvement in the quality of training specialists who are geared to contemporary requirements.

Thus, thorough learning of law knowledge is built in our country in every tier of the education system, serving as an important factor in boosting the law literacy of the youth. Universities and other higher education institutions, dozens of academic lyceums and professional colleges operate on this front. In order to bolster the knowledge and experience of the younger generation, a variety of contests, discipline-based Olympiads in law are organized in the country. The Republican discipline Olympiad among law students has taken place this year.

The Academy of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of the Interior hosted its final stage. Its participants included students of the Tashkent State University of Law and other higher education institutions that house law schools, as well as those trained at the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior.

Participants of the Olympiad demonstrated their knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the fundamentals of law, and held discussions on the subject matter and defended their academic works.

The third-year trainee of the Academy of the Interior Ministry Sherali Muhammadiev proved second to no one by having succeeded in all the phases of the contest. The second place went to the third-year student of the Tashkent State University of Law Sohibjon Gafforov, while the third-year student of the Law School at the National University of Uzbekistan Islam Juraev came third.

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