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31.01.2014 14:09

Knowledge of Languages Implies Perception of the World

An English language lesson is in progress in the first grade of the general school no.242 in Tashkent’s Almazar district. The first-graders speak wonderful English. They respond “Our Motherland is Uzbekistan!” all together to the question of the teacher “Where is your Motherland?”

“This is an outcome of the tremendous attention paid under the leadership of the President of our country, Islam Karimov, to upbringing and educating the younger generation,” says the director of the school Larisa Khushbakova who is present at the lesson along with me. “In accordance with the Resolution of the head of our state “On Measures to Further Improve the System of Learning Foreign Languages” signed 10 December 2012, our school also started to teach English from the first grade. In order to make it for the children more comprehensible and interesting, the classes are arranged in the form of games and conversation with the application of multimedia technologies and interactive methods. For instance, the children like especially the video shows, animation films, multicolor pictures, songs and poems in English. With the employment of simple words, sentences are formed. This serves as an important factor in the swift and effective grasp of conversational English.

The English teachers of the school are highly qualified pedagogical personnel in constant self-perfection. The young specialist who became renowned with her peculiar method of teaching English for the first-graders is Dildora Askarova. She has recently proved triumphant in a competition held across the district, and booked ticket for the metropolitan round of the contest. The team of the school and parents are delighted with the fact that during English language classes, Dildora applies nonconventional methods, novel pedagogical technologies and approaches every lesson with a high degree responsibility.

“My name is Habibullаh,” says Habibullah Akramjonov, first-grader of the “J” class of the school. “I love the English class very much. We learn new words at every lesson. Today we have learned seasons of the year in English. To be forward among my fellow classmates, I try to learn as many words as possible. In the future I want to become a diplomat.”

This education institution boasts everything needed for a modern education and upbringing of children. Spacious classrooms are outfitted with video projectors, television sets, personal computers and display means. The schoolchildren enjoy the library that has education-methodological literature as well as fiction, along with a gym equipped with diverse types of sporting hardware and a playground.

A variety of seminars and open lessons are organized to boost the qualification and retrain the English teachers and popularize the advanced pedagogical expertise. Those teachers who instruct other disciplines also learn English by making a good use of the favorable opportunities and conditions created at this school.

The command of foreign languages affords an opportunity to join and enjoy the achievements of world culture and information resources, and opens up a wide road to international communication. The children learning foreign languages today are shaped as comprehensively advanced individuals not inferior to anyone in anything, and wielding a high potential.

UzA, Iroda Umarova, photo by Yolkin Shamsiddinov
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