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13.02.2017 20:28

International forum takes place in Navoiy town on Alisher Navoiy’s creative work

International forum takes place in Navoiy town on Alisher Navoiy’s creative work In the town of Navoiy, an international scientific conference has taken place on the subject of “The role of Alisher Navoiy’s creative heritage in the moral development and enlightenment of humanity”.

The forum was arranged by the Uzbekistan Writers Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan, the Alisher Navoiy Uzbek Language and Literature State University of Tashkent, the regional department of the republican morality propagation centre and the regional hokimiyat (governorate).

Prominent scholars from Hungary, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan who are engaged in studies of Navoiy’s works, young researchers and students attended the forum.

During the forum, M.Ahmedov, the chairman of the Uzbekistan Writers Association; and others said that from the very first years of independence, special attention had been paid to restoring the good names of Uzbek people’s great ancestors and keeping their moral heritage towards national identity awareness.

“Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Azerbaijanis are friendly peoples living as one big family. This is due to Navoiy’s valuable ideas about goodness, love, friendship, justice and peace and about moral values. The holding of this big forum in Navoiy Region is a sign of limitless respect for the great writer. This great thinker’s creative work is a big moral asset for our generation,” says Almaz ogli, chairman of the Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan literary links department of the Nizami literature institute of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

There are always a large number of young people around Navoiy’s statue in the regional centre. A grand youth centre that is right next to that avenue is an educational establishment for young people. There are more than 15 clubs of science, sport and art functioning at the youth centre.

Navoiy town’s “Farhod” and “Shirin” culture palaces are places of culture and enlightenment. All the necessary conditions have been created in both culture palaces for young people to engage in arts activities regularly. Large numbers of students visit the “Farhod” culture palace’s library where there are lots of rare books.

“Today’s conference is really an important factor in the restoration and further recognition of noble values. The traditional master-apprentice model created by great Alisher Navoiy in the XV century is widely studied today in many countries, including Western countries,” says professor Azamat Akbarov of the Kazakhstan national university.

The forum’s participants divided into groups and held discussions about achievements made in studies of Navoiy’s creative works and outstanding issues. Results of scientific research in the area of translating the works of this great thinker into world languages and making these available to readers today were also discussed.

As part of the conference, an exhibition devoted to Alisher Navoiy’s life and creative work was arranged. In the “Farhod” culture palace, well-known actors and artistes of the country gave performances, and Navoiy’s poems were read out.

Navoiy Region’s hokim (governor), Q.Tursunov, made a speech at the forum.

Nuriddin Rahimov, photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA
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