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19.11.2018 20:29:13

Innovation cluster to be created in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan – China science and technology park will start operating in Yunusabad district of the city of Tashkent. A Chinese Medical Center, a pharmaceutical plant and a scientific-research enterprise will operate on its basis.

According to the Ministry of Innovation Development of Uzbekistan, the park will serve as the basis for formation of a kind of typical innovation cluster, promoting the integration of science, education and production.

To date, construction of a pharmaceutical plant has been completed. It will be specialized in production of 8 types of drugs that will be produced in the form of tablets, capsules and ampoules. The plant meets the highest international standards and meets the requirements of GMP. In addition, import-substituting generics will be produced at the new plant, which will increase the availability and reduce the cost of many popular medicines.

The most modern medical technologies and methods of oriental medicine used over the centuries will be combined in their work by a new Chinese medical center, which will be opened on the basis of a technopark. To create it, an investment of $20 million was attracted. At present, construction of a four-story medical diagnostic center and hotel buildings is being completed on an area of six thousand square meters. The medical center will assist in improving qualifications of technical staff of local pharmaceutical companies and organizes consulting services for them.

By the end of this year, Uzbekistan – China science and technology park is expected to operate at full capacity and become an important link in the healthcare system of Uzbekistan.