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25.04.2014 17:30

Charity Book Marathon

Every second and fourth Friday of each month have been announced in Ferghana region as The Day of Bibliophiles in order to boost the interest of the youth in book reading, enhance their world outlook, foster a patriotically geared generation wielding profound knowledge and professional skills.

The Kushtepa district department for the methodological provision and organization of the activities of institutions of public education in general schools has been holding festivals of book lovers, spiritual-enlightenment events under a motto “Family of Enthusiastic Readers”, “Three Books to a Child”, “My Book Is My Sun”. One of such occasions has been the charity marathon “School-Library-Family-Social Organizations” that took place at the general school no.14 of the district.

During the marathon, the sponsors, representatives of a range of social organizations, parents and directors of other general schools of the district presented fiction and textbooks to the school library.

UzA, photo by Mukimjon Kadyrov
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