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02.08.2017 18:12

Bravo, young mathematicians!

Bravo, young mathematicians! Uzbek students won two gold, two silver medals and took the second place in the team competition in the International mathematics competition that was held in the city of Lucknow in India on July 25-31 of this year.

Young mathematicians were greeted solemnly at Tashkent international airport named after Islam Karimov by teachers, parents, responsible officials of the education system.

In our country, a large-scale work is carried out on providing qualitative education for the younger generation, demonstrating their creative and intellectual potential, improving all the links in education in accordance with the spirit of the times. All this is the main factor in strengthening the desire and interest of youth to knowledge, manifestation of their talent.

Young mathematicians from 41 countries of the world took part in the international mathematics competition in India. The team of Uzbekistan, taking part in these intellectual competitions for the fourth time, won 2 gold medals this year. Students of the 7th grade of the 1st specialized state general educational school of Korakul district of Bukhara region Doniyor Ismoilov and Sevarakhon Ostonova showed their knowledge and talent in individual competitions and won gold medals. A student of the 7th grade Olimjon Olimov and a student of the 8th grade of the same school Ismoil Pulatov won silver medals in individual competitions.

– There are 360 students in our school, – says Shernazar Salomov, a teacher of the 1st specialized state general educational school of Karakul district of Bukhara region. – Group classes and activities are always in the center of attention along with math lessons. The main factor of our success is constant attention and concern for youth in our country.

The two-stage contest conducted by the Ministry of public education of the Republic of Uzbekistan among young mathematicians and based on modern methods of teaching contribute to improving students’ knowledge and developing logical thinking.

– I dream of becoming a well-known mathematician in the future, – says Sevarakhon Ostonova. – Conditions created for youth, care and attention of our mentors, parents and close people are giving me strength and energy.

Nazokat Usmanova, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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