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08.06.2016 09:41 State Youth Policy

Kamolot apartment house for young families

Kamolot apartment house for young families A Kamolot apartment house built for young families in the city of Urganch, Khorazm Region, has been commissioned.

As part of the implementation of the presidential decree dated 6 February 2014 “On additional measures directed towards carrying out the state policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan on young people”, multi-storey Kamolot apartment houses are being built in all the regions of our country, including Khorazm Region, and are being given to socially active young families with preferential credits.

In accordance with a resolution of 8 September 2014 by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to further support the provision of housing for young families taking an active part in the social life of our country”, Kamolot apartments are provided without a down payment on a 20 year credit with a 5 year grace period, which is very convenient for young families. Until now three Kamolot apartment houses consisting of 192 apartments were provided for young families in the region’s Khiva, Khonqa and Gurlan districts. Now the construction of such buildings is in progress in the city of Urganch and in Khonqa and Urganch districts.

In the “Yoshlk” residential area of the city of Urganch, a new house consisting of 32 apartments was given to active young families on the recommendation of the Kamolot youth public movement.

At an event attended by leaders of state and public organizations, active members of the regional council of the Kamolot youth movement and their parents, it was said that comprehensive support was being provided for young families and special attention was being given to further improving their living conditions under the leadership of our President and that this was raising people’s prosperity and living standards, improving their way of thinking and attitude towards life, and our compatriots were looking to tomorrow with greater confidence.

Ahmadjon Shokirov, Shonazar Qoriyev (photo), UzA