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13.01.2018 11:56 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Photo report: Military servicemen celebrated their holidays in new houses

Four 3-storey apartment houses for military servicemen were put into use in Samarkand. Thanks to this, 72 families of military personnel celebrated Motherland Defenders’ Day in new houses.

New houses, built in accordance with the resolution of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On program of construction of houses for military servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan” of March 30,2017, were provided to military servicemen on a long-term preferential credits.

At the ceremony of handing over keys from new apartments, khokim (governor) of Samarkand region T.Jurayev, Commander of the Central military district, Colonel A.Saidov noted that in the process of large-scale reforms implemented in the Armed Forces of our country, special attention is paid to social protection of military servicemen and their families, providing them with decent conditions. This issue was also discussed at the extended meeting of the Security Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January11, 2018, where specific tasks were identified.

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- My husband is a military serviceman. That’s why we had to live in various regions of our country for 13 years, - says F.Nazarova. - Of course, we had all the necessary conditions everywhere, but didn’t have our private property. Today, we are extremely happy that we’ve been provided with a modern apartment in Samarkand. 

There are playgrounds, places for recreation and car parks near the apartment houses.

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- I served in the military for 16 years, - says the head of Payaryk District Department for Defense Affairs. - During all my activity, I felt constant care and attention of our state. Three-storey modern house which is provided on a preferential credit today, is an unforgettable event in our life. In response to this care, I promise to further serve the Motherland with a great dedication.

Golib Khasanov, photos by Alisher Isroilov, UzA