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05.10.2017 10:19 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

New homes for border guards

New homes for border guards In the process of implementing reforms in the system of the armed forces of this country, modern homes and hostels are being built and commissioned for military servicemen and their family members. Educational and sports facilities equipped to modern standards are also being built.

As a result of work done, service homes have been built in the town of Karshi for servicemen of border posts of a unit of the border troops of the National Security Service.

An event has been held on the occasion of putting the service homes into use, and it was attended by representatives of the sphere, military servicemen and their parents and relatives and members of the club of “Young border guards” .

New homes for border guards

It was noted at the event that in the years of independence, the national armed forces had proceeded along the path of qualitative development, that the material-technical bases of the armed forces were being strengthened, that comprehensive support was being provided for military servicemen and their family members and that interest among young people in military service was increasing.

“Such a responsible task has been placed on me as protecting the inviolability of our Motherland’s borders and the people’s peaceful and calm lives. This requires vigilance of me. I am proud that I am making a contribution to this noble work. Today apartments were provided for me and my fellow servicemen. I am sure that I will live happily in this home together with my family. For this we are grateful to our country’s President,” says junior sergeant Hasan Murodov from Bukhara.

The conditions created for military servicemen at a post located in hot steppes are noteworthy. At this post, all the necessary conditions have been created for soldiers, sergeants and officers to serve around the clock and for their family members.

At one time, there was nothing but sandhills in the steppes, and then a small green area was created. Improvement work has been carried out around the new homes, and now there are decorative and fruit trees there that survive in the steppe climate. A playground has been built for children, and various rides have been installed.

“I am proud to be the wife of a military serviceman. In this home, there are all the conditions for comfortable living. Especially, the conditions created for housewives bring joy. Hot and cold water, electricity and heat supplies are provided in this home,” says Feruza Jabborova, the wife of junior sergeant Sherzod Jabborov from Surkhandarya region.

The event concluded with patriotic melodies and songs about the Motherland, peace and friendship performed by a military orchestra.

Ulmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norqobilov, UzA