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07.06.2016 10:01 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

New apartments for military servicemen’s families

A multi-storey apartment house consisting of 70 apartments has been commissioned in the town of Shirin, Sirdaryo Region, for military servicemen’s families.

Representatives of the command of troops of the Tashkent military district and state and public organizations, mass media workers, young people, military servicemen and members of their families took part in an event held on this occasion.

Colonel L.Buzrukov, the commander of troops of the Tashkent military district, and others noted that consistent reforms that had been implemented under the leadership of the country’s President with the goal of creating the nation’s army provided with modern weapons, military equipment and professional personnel were giving their high results.

This modern multi-storey apartment house built in a cantonment in the town of Shirin is also a result of constant care attention to military servicemen and members of their families.

During the event, famous artistes performed songs and melodies about the Motherland, peace and youth.

A.Kayumov, UzA