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28.12.2016 09:48 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Military servicemen to celebrate New Year in new homes

Military servicemen to celebrate New Year in new homes In the Tashkent military district, a multi-storey building has been reconstructed and provided for military servicemen’s families.

In an event arranged on this occasion representatives of state and public organizations, military servicemen and their family members, active members of neighbourhood gatherings, young people and employees of mass media participated.

A deputy minister of defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, M.Soliyev; and others said that consistent reforms being carried out in such areas as the formation of the country’s national army provided with modern weapons and military equipment as well as qualified military specialists and the provision of social security for military servicemen and their families were producing great results in ensuring the Motherland’s independence, security and territorial integrity.

In this country, work on the construction and reconstruction of modern homes is being continued in a consistent manner within the framework of state programmes for the provision of housing for defenders of the Motherland. Here special attention is being paid to building cantonments on the basis of modern construction projects and creating infrastructure and conveniences that meet today’s requirements. This is a vivid illustration of the national army’s defence potential rising.

The First President’s resolution dated 14 September 2007 “On approving a procedure for providing housing for military servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and a resolution, dated 31 July 2008, of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On approving a procedure for providing long-term mortgages for military servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan to purchase apartments and a procedure for allocating land for the construction of individual homes” are important guidance documents in this sphere. This kind of noble work resulted in the provision of homes for nearly 6 thousand military servicemen in the country in the years 2007-2015.

This multi-storey building consisting of 40 apartments has a landscaped surrounding area. There is a playground with various equipment there for children of families living in the building.

Major Murod Polatov is among those provided with new homes.

“We will be celebrating the New Year in this new home, and we are so joyous and glad about this. These care and attention encourage us, military servicemen, to serve with a higher sense of responsibility towards ensuring peace in our country and calm for our people,” he says.

During the event, a concert was performed by artistes.

Ikrom Avvalboyev, photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA