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05.01.2017 09:54 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Military servicemen’s neighbourhood preparing for holiday

Military servicemen’s neighbourhood preparing for holiday Mostly military servicemen and their family members live in Samarqand’s “Vatanparvar” neighbourhood. Probably, this explains the discipline and vigilance of people living there and constant cleanliness in the neighbourhood.

“More than 5 thousand people live in nearly 1100 houses in our neighbourhood. Most of them serve at higher military educational establishments, sergeant training schools, military units and subdivisions of the Samarqand garrison. If some military servicemen’s wives or children are unemployed temporarily we help with their job placement at trade and services facilities in the territory of the neighbourhood. About 25 women work in this sewing workshop. This year, its work is to be expanded and more than 20 additional jobs are to be created,” says the chairman of the “Vatanparvar” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering, Sherzod Janiyev.

“Veterans who did a lifetime of service in the military sphere before their retirement are our closest helpers today in public work, in bringing up youths and ensuring order and cleanliness in the territory. With their help, we created a mini library in the centre of the neighbourhood. Thanks to this socio-spiritual environment and work being done in our multi-ethnic neighbourhood, there are no violations of the law, and all the citizens here live in peace and harmony as one big family. More importantly, all the people living in our neighbourhood very well understand the value of this tranquillity and how much work is done to ensure it,” he says.

There are one school and one pre-school day care establishment in the neighbourhood. Boys and girls there are also being brought up in the spirit of patriotism, and a majority of them want to work in the military sphere in future.

“I served in the military for long years, and I am now retired. Three of my sons have followed in my footsteps, and they serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of our country. They know how much labour is involved in military service, and still they have chosen the profession of Motherland defenders, of which I am immensely proud. I tell my grandchildren and youths of the neighbourhood about the honour and responsibility of being a military serviceman and that it is a duty of every patriotic citizen to defend the country, its peace and tranquillity,” says A.Merganov.

These days, the neighbourhood is preparing to celebrate Motherland Defenders Day widely and ceremonially.

This year, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, spiritual enlightenment events are being conducted under the slogan of “Uzbekistan is our independent Motherland, and the national army is our pride and honour”. In Officers’ House also located in the territory of the neighbourhood and at educational establishments, meetings are being held with veterans and military servicemen. In the remembrance square where there is a monument to servicemen who fell in line of duty, memorial events are being conducted. According to a yearly tradition, a contest entitled “Exemplary military family” is conducted among military servicemen’s families. Literary and artistic evenings for military servicemen and their family members, concert programmes and mass sport events are to be conducted.

Gholib Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isroilov, UzA