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11.07.2014 13:29

May Your Dreams Come True

May Your Dreams Come True

Like in all other higher military education institutions of Uzbekistan, admission tests have taken place also at the Chirchik Military Tank Command-Engineering Higher School.

Wide-ranging reforms spearheaded under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the Armed Forces of the country have been yielding their remarkable results. The youth have been displaying growing interest and aspiration to the military profession, to service in the name of securing peace and calmness in the nation. Special significance is attached to filling the national armed forces with mature, in every sense of the word, officer cadres who are devoted to their country and people, and who wield high intellectual potential and broad world outlook.

An important guide for action on this front has been served by the resolution of the head of our state “On Additional Measures to Refine the System of Military Education in the Republic of Uzbekistan” signed 19 April 2005.

Chirchik Military Tank Command-Engineering Higher School offers education to young people who have tied their life with the military profession and decided to become leading specialists of the field they have opted for.

This year around, those who had set such a noble goal before themselves have applied to this higher military school. Ibrohim Aslanov is among them.

“Management of equipment and machinery has excited me from my childhood,” Ibrohim says. “I have prepared thoroughly to get admitted to this military school. My dream is to serve the Motherland with devotion as part of the Armed Forces of our country.”

UzA, B.Hidoyatov, photo by Askar Yakubov