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06.12.2017 10:39 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Future defenders of the Motherland

At one of the testing sites of the Tashkent military district, demonstrative tactical exercises have taken place. These exercises were arranged for battalion commanders and their deputies. A distinctive feature of the exercises was that students of colleges and lyceums of the country were there as observers.

One of the important tasks of the implementation of the state youth policy in this country is to bring up a harmonically developed generation, including true patriots of the Motherland. The invitation of these students to the demonstrative tactical exercises was one of the modern forms of the initial military training of future conscripts.

The teenagers watched with great interest the actions of military servicemen participating in the exercises, bringing their subdivision to a state of combat readiness, moving personnel to a designated area and defending their deployment site.

At the final phase of the exercises, servicemen fired various weapons. Loudspeakers were used to comment on these actions so that those young observers could not only watch but also understand those subdivision commanders’ decisions and actions.

At the end of the exercises, awards were given to a group of military servicemen for their best performance. The college and lyceum students felt proud of the country’s national army and a stronger desire to join the ranks of Motherland defenders.

Ablay Kamalov, UzA