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17.01.2017 09:45 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

At Samarqand sergeants training school, military servicemen sit tests

At Samarqand sergeants training school, military servicemen sit tests At the Samarqand sergeants training school, soldiers doing fixed-term military service at military units and establishments of the Samarqand garrison have sat tests.

In this country, young people doing fixed-term military service in the Armed Forces are awarded recommendations from their military unit’s command for their exemplary behaviour and high intellectual potential. These recommendations provide a privilege for them to secure admission to higher educational institutions in future. For this, soldiers have to achieve high results in military discipline and combat and moral enlightenment preparedness and to score many points in tests.

“Young people who have obtained recommendations from their military unit command are awarded as a privilege 27 per cent of the highest possible number of points that can be scored in entrance tests for higher educational institutions in our country. This is a big opportunity for young people, and every soldiers tries during one year to thoroughly acquire military knowledge and experience to obtain this privilege,” says lieutenant-colonel T.Holmatov.

In these tests, soldiers displayed their knowledge in such areas as combat, moral enlightenment preparedness and logic. The necessary conditions and possibilities were created for them to do so.

“During my fixed-term military service, my interest in this sphere rose even more, and I decided to study at a higher military educational establishment. And so I thoroughly prepared for today’s tests. If I can successfully pass this test and obtain a recommendation, this would be a big step towards my goal,” says Private M.Hakimov.

The necessary measures were taken for the tests to be transparent and to conform to principles of fairness, and members of the wider public were involved in this work.

Gholib Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isroilov, UzA