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01.03.2017 09:49 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Army’s pivotal personnel

Army’s pivotal personnel Certificates and badges have been given to graduates of the north-western military district’s sergeants training school in Urgench.

At an event held on this occasion, it was said that in the process of implementing consistent reforms in the country’s Armed Forces, special attention was paid to training highly qualified professional military personnel. Junior commander training schools play an important role here for Uzbekistan’s national army.

At these educational institutions, the necessary conditions have been created for future sergeants to profoundly acquire military knowledge and ability to use modern military hardware and weapons. As a result, graduates of such military schools, specialists with high combat and moral qualities, have become reliable pivotal personnel of the army.

“At this school for training sergeants, I raised my professional ability and acquired the necessary knowledge for working with soldiers and controlling modern military hardware. Now I will use the knowledge and experience obtained here in the course of military service and try to justify the trust accorded to me,” says junior sergeant M.Ahmadkhonov.

Ahmadjon Shokirov, photo by Shonazar Qoriyev, UzA